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Recently had a light come on that looks like a cup (full) with another cup empty upturned on top of it. Car went in to Limp mode.
Called out the AA and they ran a diagnostic that said it was the fuel filter reservoir end.
Took it to my local garage who said there was only one fuel filter and that was under the bonnet and changed that. The light came back on so they have diagnosed a faulty sensor as the issue and have unplugged it until i can purchase another one.
2 weeks later the car is now cutting out intermittently and struggling to start a little.

Does anyone know if there is another fuel filter (or water trap etc) anywhere else on the car as some articles i have read seem to indicate there is a second "filter" that removes water from the diesel and that is located somewhere near the fuel tank but the garage couldnt find it.

Its a 64 plate i40 Estate.

Any help would be gratefully received.
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