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I drive a 2013 Hyundai i30 automatic. Last log book service in February 2018.

I was involved in an accident last week, not my fault, the other guy has been charged with multiple offences. I am OK, car is undrivable. I can go into the sordid details if it helps.

The car is at the repairer, so I can't do these tests myself. The manual is in the car. (I guess I could look for an online copy).

My questions:

If my car is in drive, but stationary, with the automatic lock engaged after I hit 18 km (IIRC) earlier, is it possible to open the door just by pulling on the door catch? If not, is it possible to manually disengage the lock and then open the door? What if I had put the car in neutral by accident?

All info, advice and thoughts are appreciated. TIA.
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