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Hi all
Based on this thread
Service Charges

Some people are paying too much for having their i10’s serviced.
The Service kit Part no I10SK12P is obviously being sold at a ridicules price for what it is.
To give you an idea of what I was quoted for just this service kit, see here, all prices inc VAT, £79, £69, £100, £80. Has you can see the service kit price varies a lot.

I am going to try and get the kit price as low as possible, it will definitely be cheaper than the dealer even with postage, but as usual the more people that buy the lower the price.

According to the Service Schedule these cars require a service at 12500miles.
Based on that fact that the car has a 5 year warranty and most people will want to keep this valid. Original Hyundia parts will have to be used when having the car serviced by a Hyundia dealer or a VAT registered garage.

I am making some inquires for getting hold of this Service kit Part no I10SK12P only at the moment.

I would like an idea of, how many people would be interested in purchasing this service kit. So that I can negotiate the price of the kit. The price of posting the kit anywhere in UK only, will be approx £5.00 no more, unless the postal service increase their prices.

So how many of you i10 1.2litre owners what to save money and are interested.


  • Payment for the kit would be cheque, postal order or cash. NO PAYPAL. I will require your private email address, to keep you updated.
  • The kit will be sent via normal postal service not “recorded” or “signed for”.
  • If the postal service lose the kit, I will provide you with proof of posting the kit. It will be up to you to claim your refund and any damages.
  • The kit will always get posted on a Saturday.
  • It will be your responsibility to make sure the Service Kit is correct for your car. No refunds.
  • The final price of the kit will include a small amount for packaging material and travel to the post office
Any questions please feel free to contact me.
PM's preferred.

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Update and some clarification
I have receive replies to my post. Inquiring about the kit.
The parts in the kit are as shown in the link below.

You can only buy this kit from a Hyundia Dealer.

The more people that are interested the cheaper the kit will be.

So as not to waste my time and the dealers. I will not be negotiating any prices until end of April 2012. This will give enough time for people to ask questions and for me to get an idea of how many are interested.

One common question that seems to get asked is.
“ Will the dealer question, the parts being fitted?” Initially I purchased my kit at a discounted price from a Hyundia dealer. I then took my car to BCC Hyundia in Bolton to get my car serviced. It was serviced, no issues, no questions asked about where I got the parts etc. My service book as been stamped.

If you are happy paying £69-£120 for a service kit, then that is OK.
If you are not then let me know you are interested and I will see how low I can get this kit for.
Thank you
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