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I have installed new Roadrover 7095 at my car Hyundai Elantra 2012, the OEM car USB has not been detected when i plug in it any Memory stick 8GB (with FAT32 or exFat - formated 32bit), however the there is no problem appeared when plugging the same Flash memory at rear Roadrover USB cable, i have tried many flash memory sticks, the problem is the flash memory wasn't detected when plugging it at the OEM car USB which is located at the car front dashboard. but it been detected at the Roadrover USB cable.

Your support is highly appreciated

Roadrover 7095 gps navigation car dvd for hyundai elantra 2012-in Car DVD from Automobiles & Motorcycles on

Roadrover General Specification


Shell: 2.91.7
OS: AR-PRIMA-256-V1.59
MCU: I95HERH7-TN3R--V1.02

1. CPU : SiRF Prima 600Mhz CPU, Advanced ARM 11 architecture.
300M Hz DSP, Support 3D Hardware Acceleration: High resolution 3D graphics for real 3D map
2. DDR RAM: 128MB DDR-400MHz RAM fast multi-funtion operation speed
3. Built-in Memory: 128 MB Nand Flash(standard), up to 4GB (optional), Transfer songs, photos ,videos among SD card, Built-in Nand Flash& USB Flash
4. USB Prot : 2 Port available, support USB Mobile Hard Drive (exFAT,no capacity limit),High-Speed USB 2.0: 480Mbps High Speed USB 2.0 Interface
5. Storage Card: 4GB SD card(standard), up to 32GB(Optional)
Product Highlights:
Software Advantages:
-Skin Changeable
-Multifunction Key Operation
-DVD Disc Menu Direct Touch Operation
-Back Light Dimmer

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Contact the manufacturer of that product for assistance. Never heard of that brand before.

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That's a 3rd party head unit. The OEM USB port and aux port will probably not function as the new headunit has it's own inputs for that.

The only 3rd party head units I've seen that work with the stock USB port are the site sponsor UNIAVI and other ones that are simply a replacement to the front plate of the existing Hyundai head unit (not full deck replacement).

That being said, there is some threads on this site that explain how others have splced into the existing USB pinout and tapped that to the USB in on your new head unit. I think that is going to be your only option if you want to use the existing port.
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