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MotorImpact is having a HUGE BLOWOUT sale on some of our Hyundai lines.
This is NOT a commercial advertisement. We are offering this special group buy for Hyundai FORUM members only!

For the Elantra 4 door we have this package deal: (Products are all OEM Korean MUSSA brand)

1. Elantra 4door 2004 model - Full Ground Effects bodykit (rear,side,front underside spoilers w/front grill): $799 (Retail $899)
2. Elantra 4door 2001-2003 model - Flushed rear spoiler: $119 (Retail $149)
3. Elandra 4door 2001-2003 model - Front Grill Only: $119 (Retail $149)

Special Package Deal: Limited Time offer

When you purchase a bodykit, we will include BOTH front/rear strut bars for only $100 more (Retail $205)


When you purchase a bodykit, we will include a MUSSA rain visor kit for your side windows ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Retail $49)



For this sales event, we are looking for LOCAL customers who can come pick up the merchandise. Particularly on the body kits
But if you really want it, but live outside of California, we can try to make it work! CALL NOW! 714-449-1333

Supplies won't last!
If you want to buy items seperately, please call for a quote.

Company Info: Click

Motor Impact LLC.
4050 N Palm St. #502
Fullerton, CA 92835
Ask for Peter (Regional Sales manager)

We are also available thru AIM and eMail
AIM: bronx08
eMail: [email protected]
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