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Hi all, new member here (not new to forums though)

So after looking around for days for the instructions for these parts, (dealer was useless, parts guy had no clue about it even with part number). Anyway my box came in and instructions were in it. Scanned it in, I'm sure this alone will generate some traffic. (you're welcome internet).

Hyundai Part Number I used is 00018-ADU02. There is an older version, 00018-ADU01 but I could not figure out exactly what's different. the new one is the 02 number, and it is listed specifically for new Hyundai.

So to the DIY: The hooks use "RivNuts." This means you need a special tool. Buy one now. over $100 bucks...JK Let's build one.

NOTE: Proceed at own risk, do not attempt unless you are qualified, etc. Not responsible for damage, etc...

Go to your hardware store. Buy the following: M6x1mm bolt, 5/16"nut, 5/16" toothed lock washer, 5/16" normal washer.

Note that the nut should not engage the threads on the bolt, it should move freely.
Assemble as shown: bolt-washer-nut-lock washer-rivnut

So how does it work? If you look at the rivnut, notice the ribbed portion. What we want to do is compress the rivnut which will cause the ribbed portion to mushroom out, holding it inside the hole.

Now print off the template page from PDF or remove from boxed instructions. cut template. (I used a hobby knife for precision).

Now is a good time to verify that you did not scale the image, compare to real part.

Now go out the car. Grab your hand drill, (flashlight if needed), drill bit set (metal rated), Automatic Center punch, safety squints (seriously real glasses for this), auto or painter tape, and touch up paint

Apply the template to the car now, i cut the hole in template for the "package tray hole position" to help align.

Use the center punch on the crosshair. Take a breath now, you will be making permanent holes. When you gather your courage use your 1/8" bit and drill pilot hole. (I lubed my bits with some 5w30 I had lying around, keeps them cool)

Switch to 3/8"

Hit photo limit, so left this out: use deburring tool to deburr holes. Should be smooth.

NOTE: So here I ended up using touch up paint and then realized later the hole was too small. I had to enlarge hole by intentionally wallowing out hole with bit. (the instructions say to use a step bit. Perhaps it is slightly larger?)

Apply touch up paint and wait for it to cure. Its a cool 90 degree morning in Vegas, so it took mavbe 10 mins.

Check for fit by inserting the rivnut into hole.

Assembly tool as shown earlier. Grab a 1/2" combo wrench and a 10mm socket/ratchet.

Hit photo limit... So what the tool does is prevent the rivnot from spinning while you run down the bolt. This will cause the rivnut to mushroom behind the panel, holding it. Remember, hold the nut steady, while you run down nut with ratchet.

(NOTE: I tried once to use a powered ratchet, it damaged rivnut)

Now back to it, make sure rivnut is centered over lock washer. Insert the assembly into hole. hold the nut with the wrench and use ratchet to "tighten" bolt.

After a few turns it will hold loosly in hole. I back off the ratchet here and make sure everything is still centered. If the washer jumps over the rivnut's rim it will damage the rivnut and car.

Continue tightening until you notice it getting tighter. STOP! Think oil drain plug!

Now back off the bolt while still holding nut to prevent spinning rivnut. Then completely remove tool.

Repeat for rest of holes.

Now easy part. Attach the hook to vehicle with included hardware.
NOTE: the black washers are only used on Elantra.
Bolt spec is 5ftlb, go easy.

Now test for funtion. Works? Great! Now when the hook folds flat notice it contacts the body? Use the included foam block and attach it to the space above the hook (attach to body, not hook).

The hook now rests on the block when retracted.

Alright that's it. First DIY write up. Tell me how yours goes


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Great Job!

The pain in the a** of this project has prohibited me from installing the hook I bought over a year ago....
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