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Finally, we had a chance to drive new Hyundai Azera. I guess we have to call it Hyundai Azera 2020. Our tester had 3.3L V6 mated to 8 speed automatic. It has such a nice interior and improved exterior, some of thought it was better than Genesis G80. (In some areas). So, let’s do drive the new Hyundai Azera.

#hyundaiazera #azera #grandeur

Hyundai Azera or Hyundai Grandeur

3.3L V6 - [email protected],400 | [email protected],200 | 8-Speed Auto
2.5L Smart Stream - [email protected],100 | [email protected],000 | 8-Speed Auto
3.0L LPi - [email protected],000 | [email protected],500 | 6-Speed Auto
2.4 HEV - Total System [email protected],500 | 6-Speed Auto

Front wheel driven
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