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Hey, I just recently purchased a 2015 Hyundai Azera Limited with 36,000 miles (for 17,500 if you must know) and set out to make myself familiar with the engine, cabin parts, and just general maintainence info. However, the drawback to having a unique car like the azera, is that there is very minimal repair videos, engine diagrams, service manuals, etc. online unlike you would get with, for example, a Sonata

I didn't find out much info Online so I figured the forums would be my best bet. My questions really consist of three parts. First off, what should I do in general mileage based maintenence for this car. From my research, I am planning to change oil and filter every 7500/6mon, transmission fluid every 40,000 miles, power steering and brake fluid every 3-4 years, differential fluid every 30,000 miles, Pcv valve every 4 years, rotate tires every 6months, add Tehcron Complete fuel system cleaner every 6 months since it is the same as the hyundai stuff but cheaper, replace air filter every 30,000 miles, cabin filter every 15,000 miles, coolant every 120,000 miles and finally spark plugs every 100,000 miles. Is this a good schedule, is there anything I should change or add?

My second question regards the location of the PCV and it would probably be beneficial to learn the placements of other parts and diagrams and such. I figured since the car is now 4 years old, it would be good to check and clean or even replace the PCV valve, however finidn it has given me quite the difficult task. If anyone with this car or a car with the same Lambada 2 GDI engine knows this locartion or has a decent schematic, it would be much appreciated

And finally third, how much does the Hyundai Dealership charge for an oil filter change. Are they relaitvely competitve or overpriced like everything else at a dealership. If the price is competitive, I would rather go there than Carmax or walmart where they might pull some sneaky stuff like not changing the filter, using cheaper oil, etc.

Thanks for any answers in advance. I hope my fellow hyundai owners know more about this than me :)
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