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Hi everyone

Hope you can help me. We bought a 2007 Hyundai atos prime gle automatic and it currently has about 52000km on it. The problem is there fuel consumption. It is heavier than my Jeep Patriot. My wife currently only gets 250km per tank which equates to about 16km/100km.

The car had a full service and all filters were changed. There is no drag on the brakes as I replaced the front brake pads myself and tested them.....wheels spin freely when jacked up.

We did have a problem with very low power and it was sensors on the gearbox that had to be cleaned. We haven't had the power issue since.

The fuel consumption is that of a V8 and it just doesn't seem right. We fill up once a week and it is ridiculous even though my wife only does city driving. The issue is that even on the highway I only get 250km out of the tank.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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