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2011 Hyundai Canada Accessories

Air Conditioning 97600-1EA04
B&M Sport Shifter Kit U8190-1E000
Cargo Net 3Dr 007BL-00500
Cargo Net 4Dr 08170-1E000
Cargo Tray 3Dr U8120-1E500
Cargo Tray 4Dr U8120-1E000
Door Sills 3Dr 007BL-10030
Carpet Mats - Black 008BL-84002
Carpet Mats - Beige 008BL-84001
Rubber Floor Matts 08130-1E000
AC CF Fascia 84730-1E200CF
LH CF Armrest 82710-1E250CF
RH CF Armrest 82720-1E210CF
RH CF Door Handle Surround 82611-1E000CF
LH CF Door Handle Surround 82621-1E000CF
Gauge cluster Surround CF 84830-1E000CF
1 Way Remote Starter 009BL-HY1877
2 Way Remote Starter 009BL-HY2777
Sport Shift knob 007BL-10010
Trunk Lib Protector 000AM-00740
Accessory Frame 3Dr 007BL-86600
Accessory frame 4Dr 006BL-86600
Accessory Frame Cap 4Dr 001AM-86605
Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier 000AM-86NV2
Hitch Mount 4 Bike Carrier 007AM-67010
AEM Performance Air Intake Kit 007BL-10100
AEM Replacement Air Filter 007BL-10100R
Block Heater 084AM-00007
DC Sports Strut Tower Brace 007BL-10090
Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs 007BL-10105
Exhaust Tip 007AM-10025
License Plate Frame 000AM-FRAME
Mud Guards Front 08460-1E000
Mud Guards Rear 3Dr 08460-1E600
Mud Guards Rear 4Dr 08460-1E500
Plastic Hood Protector 006BL-00030
Performance Axle Back Exhaust 007BL-10200
Performance Exhaust Midpipe 007BL-10205
Performance Midpipe Adaptor 007BL-10206 *Required for Mid Year 2010 and Newer
Spoiler Blue Onyx 3E 007BL-100803E
Spoiler Bright Red HL 007BL-10080HL
Spoiler Ebony Black EB 007BL-10080EB
Spoiler Lime Green G8 007BL-10080G8
Spoiler Midnight Gray 2M 007BL-100802M
Spoiler Space Silver 5S 007BL-100805S
Spoiler 4Dr 08340-1E100
Roof Racks 4Dr 009BL-67000
Cargo Box 425L 4Dr 007AM-67004
Kayak Carrier 4Dr 007AM-67011
Ski/Snowboard Carrier 4Dr 007AM-67005
Upgright Bike Carrier 4Dr 007AM-67002
Visors Tape On 3Dr 010BL-00040
Visors Tape on 4Dr 010BL-00041
Visors In Channel 3Dr 010BL-00045
Visors In Channel 4Dr Front 009BL-00040
Camping Tent 000AM-83000
Steel Wheels 5.5Jx14 08405-1G100
Touch Up Paint Pens
Blue Onyx 3E 006HC-PEN3E
Bright Red HL 000HC-PENHL
Ebony Black EB 000HC-PENEB
Golden Beige 9G 006HC-PEN9G
Light Green G8 007HC-PENG8
Midnight Gray 2M 006HC-PEN2M
Noble White NW 000HC-PENNW
Sky Blue 2B 006HC-PEN2B
Space silver 5S 006HC-PEN5S
Tango Red N8 007HC-PENN8
Wine Red 5R 006HC-PEN5R
Wheel Lock Nuts
Closed Style 000AM-82385 *To Be used with Alloy Wheels
Open style 000AM-02347 *To Be used with Steel Wheels
Wiper Blades
Wiper Blades - 16" RH 000AM-98016
Wiper Blades - 20" LH 000AM-98020

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DC Sports Strut Tower Brace 007BL-10090

does not exist on there catalog anymore .. i was in the dealer today getting prices
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