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Hello everyone,

I am the owner of a new 2022 Hyundai Accent SE.

Overall, the car has been great. I do have one small issue - occasionally, both the trunk light and the TPMS low-pressure indicator light turn on. This has happened five times, each of which occured after spending time in heavy traffic going very slowly. In addition, when I tried opening the trunk after arriving, the key fob was unable to open the trunk, but the manual lever in the cabin worked.

I have verified that the trunk was closed and the tire pressure was correct. Originally it was 31-32 psi, so I raised it to 36 psi because of cold weather. The issue persisted, so I brought it to the dealer. They were unable to diagnose anything due to the intermittent nature of the issue, but I do have it documented.

Another thread by a 2022 owner was not resolved and a similar thread by an owner of an older car with a similar issue resulted in speculation of a bad ground. Is there anything else that I can practically do? I'd rather not work on it myself, but if all it is is a bad ground strap in an obvious location then I may be able to tighten it.

Thank you.
Hi mate,
I got the same problem on a 2022 accent bought a few weeks ago. The issue usually happens after a long day in the sun so the car is very hot inside. The lights go away after driving for about 10 min. Did you figure out what was going on with yours?
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