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I thought I would make another post for all the other people out there who might have the same issue as me. It seems impossible to find any wiring diagrams on the Hyundai 1999 Coupe even finding an adapter harness.
So I've documented the wiring and some pictures for anyone who wants to install an after marker head unit.

Special thanks to AUTOSPARK forum member for his contributions.

See images uploaded to this post.

Image 1.
The front dash fascia removes upwards, but only after you remove the side centre console area all the way up to the gear nob.

Image 2.
See holes indicated in the images which need to be removed, once removed pull out the whole centre console area.

Image 3.
In reference to 'image 1' pull up the front dash fascia and remove the screws for the head unit.

Image 4.
Wiring - There are 2 Pink wires, 2 Black Wires and 2 Green/Black Wires.
It might be best to use a bulb/test lamp or multi-meter to test this.

Hyundai 1999 Coupe Wiring Color Codes-

Green/White - Illumination
Blue/White - Accessory
#1 Pink - Battery 12v
Thick Black Wire - Ground
White - Speaker (Rear Left +)
Thin Black - Speaker (Rear Left -)
Blue/Yellow - Speaker (Rear Right +)
Blue/Black - Speaker (Rear Right -)
Red/White - Speaker (Front Left +)
Red/Black - Speaker (Front Left -)
Green/Yellow - Speaker (Front Right +)
#1 Green/Black - Speaker (Front Right-)
#2 Green/Black - Unknown
#2 Pink - Unknown -Possible Power Antenna


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