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I had a bad experience of servicing my i10. I did it in Popular hyundai , chadachira, Trivandrum, kerala , India

First day after service i did a little long journey. On the way the steering got tightened & was not moving and was really got afraid on the road with my family. I informed the service station & they picked my car and brought back saying they have cleared the issue.

After 1 day I started hearing a rough sound & it was getting louder while driving my car. I informed the service centre again.. they pick up my car again and brought back saying they have cleared the issue.

But I am still hearing that rough sound, & when i checked it i saw my silencer hanging down & there is a serious damage happened in it. I really suspect that the service team replaced it. If not they could have atleast informed me about the issue while returning my car. I choose to that particular service station because of the continuous calls i got from there. They really cheated me.

How can I identify a service station is reliable ? & how do I serivice my car with confidence?:(
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