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Dear Hundai team ,

My name is Vusal. I live in Azerbaijan. I have Hundai Getz 2008 year of production. The plastic gear wheel of my rear wiper motor has broken that is why rear wiper does not work.

I contacted Hundai Service Center in Baku, Azerbaijan they told me that they don't sell gear wheel separately. They told me that brand new rear wiper motor costs 177 AZN ( 105 USD). As it is very expensive I can not afford to buy new one. I have searched all auto parts centers in Azerbaijan for six months and could not find used rear wiper motor. That is why I decided to contact headquarter office.

I want to note that my problem is only with tiny plastic gear wheel inside the rear wiper motor. Everything else is working fine. It is not fair to waste so much money for one small thing.

I am writing to you to find out where I can find gear wheel of rear wiper motor for Hundai Getz?

It weighs only 50 gram. My sister live in US, MN. Do you know if I can find it in US?

Thank you beforehand,

Best regards,
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