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I just did this to fix the Emergency hazard flasher switch.

You have to remove the surround around the fascia and unscrew it from behind. First remove the lower panel under the steering wheel, this gives you access to the lower screws in the panel, then 2 screws just above the instrument cluster. There is a screw or 2 behind the ash tray and another behind the clock. You have to get a good grip on the pocket in the clock unit and yank it out. Drop your steering wheel down if you have that feature. There are push in retainer posts along the top so you may have to yank a bit to snap them loose. Unclip the various wire plugs from the back as needed and the whole panel should come off easy.

I took the glove box panel off too to find the screw behind the clock but I really didn't need to.

Ciao for now.

Ruggero in Italia
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