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Got this off Wayne's site

"Hi Luke:

Good stuff!!!

Tomorrow, drive to your road and reset your Trip A or Trip B at that exact point. Not in the garage or drive. From that point, take your normal route and stop at the entry way to the parking lot at work. Record the Trip A or B. Open up Google maps and build that exact route. That is your actual distance and you will use this for your first full tank of fuel to get an actual MPG vs. your aFCD's display.

When you top off, reset your aFCD(s). Drive the full tank. Now multiply the distance displayed for that tank by the offset to come up with your actual miles traveled. Use that distance/total gallons filled for your actual Fuel Economy. Use that to come up with the actual vs. displayed aFCD offset.

Now that you have an actual fuel consumption vs. your displayed, head out to a lengthy Interstate with a portable GPS displaying elevation. Low winds and temps above 60 degrees are preferred. The test(s) should be performed later at night when there is little to no traffic to reduce or eliminate traffic side boost.

While driving along at 60 mph (via your GPS, not the speedometer) with Cruise Control set and your AH's SoC steady at whatever it is, reset your FCD on the fly. When you have traveled at least 10 miles, the final elevation is within 10 ft. of your starting elevation, and SoC is the same as when you reset the aFCD at 60 mph, record your aFCD display.

Multiply this result by your aFCD display offset for an actual MPG at 60 mph. Do the same in the other direction as well. Now average the two...



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