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Hi Everyone!!!

I'm new to this forum and i also a new 2011 Sonata owner.

Just got my car 2 weeks ago and i noiticed that the park/ postion light is the normal bulb that look yellow next to the HID low beam lights. I don't really like the look and dont understand why they made it that way.

However i bought a set of replacement "white light bulbs" and have been trying to figure out how to get the park/ position light out of the head light without any luck.... Plus idk who wrote the owners manual becuase it is also pretty much useless...

I also went for my first 1000km service today and asked the dealer's service people to replace it.... but the car is so new here where i'm from that they don't even seem to know how it's done and they just **** me off.... how hard can it be just to check the maintenace manual???

How hard can it be to change this bulb.... it's driving me crazy... lol

By the way... I don't live in the US so my car does not have the DRL, it just has the HID projector low beam... and where the High Beam is there is a small 5W bulb that comes on with the first click of the light switch. The owners manual calls it the Position Light...

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