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I very recently had a reconditioned gearbox and clutch fitted to my 2002 diesel Trajet. Last weekend, after a fairly tiresome stop go drive through London, I realised that the clutch was slipping in 2nd & 3rd as I accelerated, but then bit again after a short while.

Took the car back to the garage that fitted the clutch and advised them of the problem and hoping the fix would be free as the clutch was still under warranty.

Unfortunately, they have advised that the main fuel pump is leaking (no pipes or tubes are faulty), and has been dripping/pouring on to the gearbox and clutch, which has got on to the clutch resulting in it becoming saturated and hence why it was slipping.

Total expected bill (inc labour & VAT) to replace and fit new fuel pump and clean up the clutch etc is about £620.

Reasonable or expensive ?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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