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QUOTE (kn5owa @ Sep 20 2010, 07:12 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=357539
Did your ins. co. actually put this statement in writing? The Sonata is a plain Jane sedan (pardon me) -- not some new ford cobra maserati ferrari hybrid.
They sure did KN in the name of a new Policy declaration. :thumbsup: As far as it being unusual, no its not? Anytime you purchase a Brand New Car that has no

Insurance Data in yet, you can always be faced with this situation. At the time the Sonata GLS/LX (NO DIFFERENCE) was considered a high output sports like car,

at least the LX model we have. And the Sonata LX was worth twice what my 2005 Elantra cost. So I fail to see the State Farm conspiracy? On a sour note I did get a

letter recently from my ex East Coast State Farm agent who I loved! Seems like I might be the victim of some potential ID Fraud. Like a Good Neighbor I guess?

Oh and Credit believe it or not can not be used under the Golden States laws for determining any Insurance premiums. That is a newer law! :trophy:

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Ah but that is all changing. You have no CLUE© mama, at least in Illinois, but there is a separate report kept about all drivers in the U.S., and it is called

CLUE, run by ChoicePoint Experian. Anyway there are a bunch of States that are changing their unfair laws. :banana:

"Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of car/truck, coverages, limits of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report to see about undisclosed accident involvement."

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QUOTE (mamamia @ Sep 22 2010, 12:27 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=357929
Yes, they use many other factors, indeed. The zip code is important, some areas in the same city might be more prone to criminal activities than others.
Well this is known as Red Lining, and one day will not be permitted as in a way it is saying those bad people a mile away should pay more. However the Insurance

Industry is very popular, and have deep pockets into Washington. When you get a quote, it has a lot to do with who you are, how you drive, Credit if allowed, the

value and options in your Car, and many other factors including current repair data on your model Car. I had a problem with State Farm, as they didn't have this

information in 2006. Its an insurance thing, They rock by the way, :trophy: except for the person who possibly stole my information and was arrested! :banana:

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Well that was Copyright 2004. Things have become better. For example I went from an excellent Credit rating to the bottom 11% of America without

doing anything? I do need to thank Chase for closing 3 lines of credit, one they just opened, welcoming me from that terrible Washington Mutual. Best Bank ever!

Then most of my other Cards followed. Since 2004 things have changed for consumers, and consumer protection is almost non existent. You would think the

Government would be looking out for us. Wait til' the Health reform kicks in soon. In any case you can't win with insurance.

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I am very disappointed in the way Insurance policies in general are written. There are homeowners in Florida that can't get Insurance

for their home. California is a terrible place, but at least they regulate these predatory policies that have been used for Years.

You would think the Government would put an end to all this nonsense, but things are getting worse. You can't even buy an "Extended Warranty"

or VSC without using a California licensed agent here. Higher prices no doubt for what the State calls "Mechanical Breakdown Coverage"

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QUOTE (No43 @ Sep 29 2010, 10:40 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=359622
Driving Sonata Limited 2010 (Rated "F" in Geico Account) - Not sure what that means.
Somehow "F" doesn't sound that great, but maybe it stands for Fantastic Driver, who knows? But you live in Queens right? New York.
Are you being "raped" no, paying high rates yes! In South Florida it was $2500 a year on average and it really didn't matter if you were driving a 89 Toyota Corolla
or a 2011 Sonata. Rates are based on many factors. When Mama and I got our Sonata the insurance industry didn't have the "rating" quite yet on the new Sonata. However its the Town, your Area, your Color, your driving record, the Car, and your Credit in every State aside from California, and a bunch of other factors including Insurance & safety ratings, but again that is not the biggest factor in your premiums. :thumbsup:

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Not you ActionMan, but the premise of the thread in general. You should always shop around as with any purchase. You will find double what you and I pay as $1,836
is now the national average. Just not fair when I found out the new NF Sonata with all our new improved electronic safety equipment including more Airbags
was more expensive to insure than the equivalent previous model year? Kinda kooky, but true. Anyway I don't want Mama yelling at me questioning his 2005-2008 chart at all,
but it does costs a lot to drive in some places. Chicago & Denver seem reasonable! I see it costs $3000 a year on average in Washington DC, home of the highest paid workers!

Average Car Insurance Premiums in Cities with Highest Population
The first set of 15 largest U.S. cities had an average car insurance premium of $1,688. That average quote is 8.1% lower than the $1,836 national average.

1.Los Angeles, California (population 3,833,995) … US$1,736 (5.4% below average)
2.Chicago, Illinois (2,853,114) … $1,435 (21.8% below)
3.Houston, Texas (2,242,193) … $1,852 (0.9% above)
4.Phoenix, Arizona (1,567,924) … $1,528 (16.8% below)
5.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1,540,351) … $2,094 (14.1% above)
6.Detroit, Michigan (912,062) … $1,994 (8.6% above)
7.Jacksonville, Florida (807,815) … $2,151 (17.2% above)
8.Indianapolis, Indiana (798,382) … $1,428 (22.2% below)
9.Columbus, Ohio (754,885) … $1,183 (35.6% below)
10.Charlotte, North Carolina (687,456) … $1,503 (18.1% below)
11.Memphis, Tennessee (669,651) … $1,468 (20.0% below)
12.Baltimore, Maryland (636,919) … $2,352 (28.1% above)
13.Milwaukee, Wisconsin (604,477) … $1,295 (29.5% below)
14.Denver, Colorado (598,707) … $1,496 (18.5% below)
15.Seattle, Washington (598,541) … $1,798 (2.1% below).
Among these largest cities, 10 municipalities had average auto insurance rates below the national average. Baltimore and Jacksonville had the highest average premiums.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Cities with Lower Populations
Among the 15 cities with a lower number of residents when compared to top cities in other states, the average car insurance quote was $1,735 this past February. That aggregate average is 5.5% under the U.S. national average.
1.Little Rock, Arkansas (189,515) … $1,865 (1.6% above)
2.Salt Lake City, Utah (181,698) … $1,800 (2% below)
3.Jackson, Mississippi (173,861) … $1,944 (5.9% above)
4.Providence, Rhode Island (171,557) … $2,212 (20.5% above)
5.Sioux Falls, South Dakota (154,997) … $1,570 (14.5% below)
6.Bridgeport, Connecticut (136,405) … $2,095 (14.1% above)
7.Columbia, South Carolina (127,029) … $1,614 (12.1% below)
8.Manchester, New Hampshire (108,586) … $1,280 (30.3% below)
9.Billings, Montana (103,994) … $1,622 (11.7% below)
10.Fargo, North Dakota (92,103) … $1,346 (26.7% below)
11.Wilmington, Delaware (71,356) … $2,339 (27.4% above)
12.Portland, Oregon (64,249) … $1,317 (28.3% below)
13.Charleston, West Virginia (53,421) … $2,009 (9.4% above)
14.Cheyenne, Wyoming (53,011) … $1,563 (14.9% below)
15.Burlington, Vermont (38,889) … $1,232 (32.9% below).
This group of 15 smaller American cities had 9 locations with below-average rate quotes. Automobile insurance premiums in Burlington and Manchester were almost a one-third discount from the U.S. national average.

Average Auto Premiums by Largest Cities in Other States
The list below presents the average car insurance rates by largest city for remaining 17 states for which RateWatch tracks quotes. The average auto insurance premium for this set of cities was $1,822 which is roughly equivalent to the U.S. overall average.

1.Washington, DC (population 591,833) … US$2,904 (58.2% above average)
2.Las Vegas, Nevada (558,383) … $1,981(7.9% below)
3.Portland, Oregon (557,706) … $1,479(14.9% below)
4.Louisville, Kentucky (557,224) … $2,055 (11.9% above)
5.Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (551,789) … $1,783 (2.9% below)
6.Atlanta, Georgia (537,958) … $1,592(13.3% below)
7.Albuquerque, New Mexico (521,999) … $1,719(6.4% below)
8.Kansas City, Missouri (480,129) … $1,578(14.1% below)
9.Omaha, Nebraska (438,646) … $1,505(18% below)
10.Virginia Beach, Virginia (433,746) … $1,571(14.4% below)
11.Minneapolis, Minnesota (382,605) … $1,776 (3.3% below)
12.Wichita, Kansas (366,046) … $1,607(12.5% below)
13.New Orleans, Louisiana (311,853) … $2,359(28.5% above)
14.Newark, New Jersey (population 278,980) … US$2,825 (53.9% above average)
15.Birmingham, Alabama (228,798) … $1,622 (11.7% below)
16.Boise, Idaho (205,314) … $1,323 (27.9% below)
17.Des Moines, Iowa (197,052) … $1,292 (29.6% below).
Only 4 of the above cities show average quoted rates above the national benchmark of $1,836 during February 2010.

Read more at Suite101: Average Automobile Insurance Premiums by US City: Sample Annual Car Insurance Rates for Largest Cities By Population.

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QUOTE (No43 @ Sep 30 2010, 02:43 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=359900
Thanks guys. Im planning to switch after my 6months are up.
If you find a better rate, you can cancel your current policy at any time with a full pro rated refund. As you can see if the national average

is $1800, and you are paying $2100 in Queens, you are probably not going to save a ton with any other insurer either, but its possible! :thumbsup:

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Yes you are right, but we are not 28. I did check into the AARP Insurance and they actually wanted more then what I was paying

with Nationwide, who really isn't on your side. And the $2500 I had to pay back 12 years ago was with Progressive. That Flo is so

cute yet one horrible Insurance company. But $550 a Year is incredible mama. Perhaps the lowest here? :trophy:

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Sorry to hear that about Flo. One of the main reasons I was against the Government bailing out AIG, is they must have spent thousands

on postage and paper products, labor too mailing out endless solicitations to me. Even asked them to stop after obtaining a quote once.

They started sending more than before.


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