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OK, so I've been Googling about for the answer to this one.

I have a 2002 Santa Fe with the stock radio in it. Rather than pay $200 for a new radio + installation, I'd love to find a way to hack my radio into connecting to my iPod. I believe the model is the H260/H265, with a CD player and AM/FM (see here for a photo). If you click that link, you'll also see a discussion about hooking up an adapter to the CDC port in the back of the radio. So I bought a similar (or so I thought) adapter on eBay (see here), but when I plugged it into the back of my radio and pressed the CD button, nothing happened (as the CD player was empty, and it didn't detect my adapter plugged into the back). Upon closer inspection of the forum discussion linked above, I realized that perhaps the adapter is supposed to have some sort of box on it, which perhaps sends a signal to trick the stock radio into thinking that a CD changer is plugged in and thus plays the playback from my iPod? So I'm thinking to buy this one now. But before I keep spending $$ and it not working out... does anyone else have experience with this who could help me out? Again, my stock radio does NOT have a CDC (CD changer) button, but it DOES have a CDC port on the back, and it does have a disc select button on the front (presumably, for people who DO choose to install a CD changer).

I also found this discussion on these forums, but they are from, like, three years ago and their eBay links are outdated.

Help is seriously appreciated; thanks!

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