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Hi, My wife was recently complaining that her AC is not as cold as she would like it to be... So About a week ago I bought a can of freon to recharge it and I had had a cheap freon tapper with gauge on it from like 5 years ago... so I just bought a can of freon for about $22 and hooked it up to the low pressure hose after I tapped the freon can and unscrewed the tap... For some reason the freon never left the can and went into the system..then shortly after tinkering around with it the 5 year old hose broke and I was left with a taped freon can and a broken hose ..... so needless to say that can of freon was shot and I blame it all on my old hose with gauge that was laying around in the trunk for 5 years...

All I could think to do was to throw it away since the can was taped and the hose I used to tap it with was broken... wasn't a happy camper after throwing away $22 in the trash....

So Now I went to the Auto Parts store and purchased a $33 can of freon that is reusable with a gauge built in and a handle to squeeze to release the freon from the can....

Is there any reason that the freon would not have left the can the first time around...or was it more than likely a faulty hose/tap not working correctly?

So Any Tips on recharging the AC on a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe...before I attempt round 2 ?

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