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For close to the last hundred years. EPA thinks its a problem, need a high volatile gas for cold weather, so called winter gas.

To start cars in cold weather, fuel enrichment was required, but only for a few seconds, then exhaust heat was used to both preheat the intake manifold and even the air cleaner. Not talking about a lot of heat, mostly just to get it above 0*F.

But their solution is to instruct the oil companies to add butane and oxygenate the gas to rise its volatility. Wouldn't be bad if the heat value remained at 120K BTU per gallon, but can drop to as low as 93K BTU per gallon!

So the final result is, just to slightly reduce starting emissions that is only needed on an exceptionally cold day, positively terrible fuel economy on a long highway trip, even as 25% lower!

While I read on the internet the cost of this fuel should decrease, but not around here, increases by 10% to further increase our fuel bills. From years of experience only takes maybe a minute or two to reach operating temperature.

And not done by your actual ambient temperatures, but by the calendar, can have New Years day temperatures up here as high as 65*F with SW winds. Still can use wasted exhaust heat in the air cleaner.

Yet another problem is for the oil companies, only a finite number of oil lines, and with 155 different blends of fuel, can really cause jam ups increasing the price.

Ha, don't brother writing your congressman on this issue, doesn't have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

Gasoline has never been sold since the 70's on cost of manufacturer with a profit, always on supply and demand.

Could make a round trip to Milwaukee or Chicago on a tank full, sure can't anymore, thanks to winter gas. Never before in our history have I have seen more huge SUV's and Pickups on our highways, should charge these guys extra for fuel.
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