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08 Sonata: I have been noticing this for a couple of months.

Its summer out here in CO and my car typically has the the thermostat on cold, but the AC is off, Air on fresh air (default with AC off), windows rolled down. After driving the car for ~ 5-10 minutes, the vents for the driver and passenger's feet blow out hot air. It gets just a little difficult to breathe and I am forced to turn the AC on. The AC works fine, no issues.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong? I am at 43k miles and wanted to run this by the forum before heading to the dealer.


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If the air outside is hot, that air comes in to the car --- hot.... If your car is a dark color, the air will come in even HOTER than its ambient outside temperature, 'cause the system under the hood is hot. A white car would be cooler under the hood than a black car, naturally.

You need to test it on a COOL DAY, or a cool night, when the temp. outside is say 65. Then, if air comes in hot, your heating system is probably "leaking" hot air in.
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