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About a week ago I noticed a high pitch noise while driving. Thinking it was the radio I muted it, but the noise was still there. I played around with a few things until I discovered it was the climate control fan. When I turn it to 0 I can hear the fan wind down as the noise slowly dissipates. The first time it happened I was on my way to work. When I came out of work and started the car the noise was gone. I had forgot about it until today, when it came back. The noise was not there when I drove in the morning, but when I drove it in the afternoon it was there. It is very evident when I shut the car off with the fan on. With no engine noise you can hear as the fan slows and the noise slowly goes away. I am going to wait and see if is still doing it tomorrow, and if so I'm taking it to the dealer. I'm just afraid it won't do it for them since it is an intermittent problem.

So here's the question; has anyone else experienced this?

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