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I am at 90K and was hoping to hear from others if anyone has gotten the big battery replaced and if they did then as what Milage and how much did it cost. I am not looking at Warranty claims, Private buy and replace....

just need to know fi I should hold on to the vehicle of trade and replace with another.....the only big ticket item that worries me is the Big Battery....all else I can repair and fix myself....

Hyundai claims the hybrid battery will last over 300,000 miles, based on their testing. When you think of batteries failing at 100,000 to 150,000 miles, you are thinking of the Prius (and similar) with their NiMH batteries -- LiPo batteries (like the Sonata uses) are much longer lasting.

At this point, I can't recall anyone needing to have their battery replaced (with the a weak memory of a person who had a relatively new car that had a manufacturing issue with his battery). I seem to recall at least one user here has around 200,000 miles currently on his Sonata Hybrid with no hybrid battery issues.
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