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Just had my 2006 elantra with 26,000 kms in to get the cam belt and accessory belts changed.
every thing seemed to be ok till i pulled over off the highway .
the car started to idle high around 1100 rpm and would fluctuate between that and a 1000 rpms.
floor mat was not under the pedal.
so i called the dealer, drove 30min back and it was already 5:00 so the mech had stepped out and would be right back.
the serv manager and owner both saw how it was running weird. it would be doing this high idle and a weird grow/rolling sound to it but then would go back to normal quiet idle off and on.
like something was kicking on and off causing it to run and sound odd. also on way back every now and then the tack would bump up and down a bit.
another thing i noticed is the sweet smell of rad fluid while it was running (hood open) not heavy but enough that I noticed.
the coolant fan was blowing it towards me.
i did notice on one hose i think was off the thermo housing looked like it had a old leak. i could see a few old green drops and another odd rusty brown splash on the hose beneath because of the top one i guess was leaking at some point before we purchased it.
weve had this car for what, a week now? I am not impressed.
I know **** happens but seems to always happen to us :whistling:
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