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Finally got these things put together this Memorial Day weekend. Have had the parts sitting in the garage for over a year, including the brand new headlight assemblies. The originals on the car, the lenses were starting to get really clouded up and bad looking, so it needed new lights anyhow, so I figured it was a good time to be creative. This is the 3rd set of headlights I've retrofitted like this, and these were probably the easiest.

I actually used the back half housing from some OEM Hyundai headlights that I got used and had some faded and scratched up lenses, and I only used the new clear lenses from the aftermarket headlight assemblies. The projectors are some eBay special $30 projectors, nothing super fancy or expensive, but I used the same ones on the last retrofit that I did on my old Corolla and they worked great. The bulbs are basic 6000k 55 watt H1 bulbs, currently powered by some off-brand 55 watt ballasts which I plan on replacing soon for better ones. I added in some side emitting white LED strips along the top for the Audi "eyebrow" look, and since it's the wife's car, a pink LED halo on the inside of the projector so they glow.

I have the LED strip and the pink halo wired into the running lights, actually disabled the amber running light in the corner bulb by removing the running light wire that runs to it inside the headlight and routing it to the LED's inside. The amber corner bulb functions purely as a turn signal now, and I'm going to be replacing it with a plug in LED bulb when I upgrade the ballasts.

The projectors are bi-xenon, so they function as both low and high beam. I left the original bulbs in the high beam spots, so now when the high beams are turned on, the original high beams come on as well as the projectors flipping to high beam as well, so there are 4 high beams pointing down the road at night then I turn them on.

I left them all chrome, no custom painting or anything. I wanted to have an almost OEM look, like the car could have came with them from the factory, but with a dash of custom with the pink glow inside.

All in all they came out great! About two day's work into them overall. Make's it much easier and less stressful when you're using extra headlight assemblies and not the only ones you have that are the ones that are actually on the car lol.

Going to get a few more pics once it starts getting dark. Need to align them still too, again waiting for the sun to set; hard to align them when the sun is beating on the garage door...


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Nice job.
I would go with slightly larger projectors.
Do you have night shots of the beam pattern/cutoff?

I did something similar.
Since I sold the car, I need to get rid of them...

Those are FX-R on [email protected]
The ring lights up white with two levels - 100% as for DRL and about 30% when parking lights are on.

They're 2.5 inch lenses. Ran the same ones on my Corolla headlights and they worked out great. I personally like the smaller lenses. The larger diameter just looks disproportional in my honest opinion. The light output is OUTSTANDING compared to the factory reflector setup, especially high beams with the effectively 4 high beam light sources.

Just finished aiming them properly; haven't driven the car at night since the install lol

I actually have a video that I'm throwing together to put on YouTube when I get around to finishing it.

For kicks and giggles, here's the set that I made for my 01 Corolla. Nothing fancy LED wise with these, just a simple projector retrofit. Same $30 eBay 2.5" projectors.

And my 06 Tacoma, the first retrofit I ever did. Used Morimoto Mini H1's with this one (3" lenses), LED strip along the bottom (wish I would have used a longer strip...), and blacked out the inside of the light.

Those Morimoto's had better beam pattern and a cleaner cutoff, but of course for more than triple the price of the eBay clones I would hope so LOL! I'm not saying the eBay ones perform poorly, but like everything else, you do get what you pay for.

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