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Hi all, I'ld like to introduce myself as Pantah and I'm from Belgium (famous for it's beer and chocolate and...well, that's about it ;-) ). I came across this forum trying to find a solution to get the window winder handles of the doors of my girlfriends Atos and found it. I even added some handy information on a topic concerning those **** clipses.
This is actually our second Hyundai. First one was an Excell which never gave any trouble at all until it was wrecked right in front of our door by a truck on the loose :-(
This Atos was a gift from her mom and has a few minor repairs to it. I hope to find all the info I need here. I'm actually more a motorcycle mechanic but all the repairs and maintenance on both our cars (the other is a rover 75), I do myself too.
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