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Hi all.
Just come across this great forum. We have a 2009 i20 style in sparkle blue and really love it. Had a trouble free Getz
before in bright red which really stood out in a car park. The i20 is great except for a stiff jerky throttle. It has been back
to the dealer 4 times, the last time Hyundai got involved. Worked ok for about 2 months then came back more jerky.Had
a go myself and fixed by spraying lube every where, but it's back again. Worse thing is the aggro from the wife as she is
learning to drive and says she cannot drive the car and threatens to sell the car and get a Ford Focus. NO WAY.
But we are both agreed that the sparkle blue is a fantastic colour, if only it would stay clean. LOL
Hi Chris,

Are you sure it's the throttle that's the problem and not the clutch ? The i20 is difficult to drive away smoothly from rest because the clutch, on our car at least, is set-up so that the 'biting' point is nearly at the point of full pedal release. If you car is anything like ours then I would definetly not recommend it for a learner driver.

Someone else on the forum was commenting about the problem and was told by the dealer that the clutch automatic adjustment gives them no scope to change the release point. I haven't talked to anyone at our dealership yet but I hope it isn't the case.

This clutch problem is the a serious flaw on an otherwise excellent car. It's a safety issue and could lead to an accident if you're trying to cross traffic at a junction and end up stalling part way across.

The only other thing I don't like, is that lack of a decent index in the handbook, so it takes ages to find anything.

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