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Ive lived in texas for a few years where local meets (DFW) meets of MC accents came about pretty good.
I still go to some meets (TX meet) this past week...and yes I drove 1200+ miles for it.
Im trying to organize a meet here in the midwest...mainly in we can meet on or around the Hyundai-Kia technical center.

Ive set a goal of at least 15 cars to come through.
I can help set up hotel arrangements, events, and activites for those who come out as well.


Whos down for a Midwest meet?

This is what Im looking at

August 13, 2010
Arrival day for people out of town.
Meet and Mingle with various activites

Main Meet Day
August 14, 2010
Hyundai-Kia Techical Center
Pittsfield Township Michigan

Possible Activites
*Track Run
*Autocross Run
*Dave And Busters
*Tuning and Modding

August 15, 2010
Roll out
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