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I took the advice from the Lemmon Aid books and chose the 2009 Sonata, a recommened choice by Phil Edmonston's reckoning. Its a GLS, but has everything I need to be comfortable... I do about 1100Kms per week, so we will see how she holds up. This is my first Asian car, its always been domestic for me, and I am 55 years young. My Chrysler Concord it replaces got 508,0000 Kms (300k miles) which most mechanics said was a miracle! I change the oil frequently.

I drive between Toronto (Canada) and Northern Ontario regularly, so its mixed weather and environment. Should be interesting to see how it goes. My only complaint so far is the horn, its a liltte to "small car: for my liking... I prefer to sound like a freight train.

Will be reading here as time goes by.

Cheers to all. R
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