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I just brought a 2003 Santa Fe with 144k mi for $1400. Honestly, I bought it more out of practicality than because I thought it was dependable vehicle. I needed a vehicle quickly and with limited funds. I believe that it was a good choice for me because I refinish and design furniture and the small 4 door sedan that I totaled 6 mo ago limited what I could pick up.
It needs a power steering pump, which the girl made very clear in her post. She did not point out the many good things though, such as power windows, locks, sliding sunroof, leather interior, alarm...The gas expense is something to get used to since $20 used to last almost 2 weeks in my little Nissan and this thing is closer to $40/week!
Also, I find the seats to me very uncomfortable and my ass hurts after 20 minutes! Lol...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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