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Hey everyone, just joined as of 5 minutes ago, crawl a lot of Hyundai/Elantra forums so I thought why not join them too.

I've got a 2005 Elantra GT Sedan in red (See Picture)

What's inside and out:

LED Turn Signals (Front and Rear)
LED License Plate Lights
LED Reverse Lights
LED Main Brake Lights
LED Dome Light (Blue)
LED Map Lights (Blue-UV)
HID Low Beams (6000k 35 Watt)
2x Clarion 100RMS 6.75" Front Door Speakers
2x Clarion 150RMS 6"x9" Rear Deck Speakers (Next paycheck buys the amp to power these guys, right now just going off the 50RMS each power from my less than awesome deck)
Clarion Z series 209 Deck
1200.1 Phoenix Gold Amplifier
2x 12" Phoenix Gold RSDC 600RMS Subwoofers
Dynamat trunk kit & then some, basically lined my entire trunk where it could possibly be lined without going overboard.

To be done:

LED Footwell Lights (Blue)
2x 12" LED Strips
HID Hi Beams (4300K 55 Watt) (Being installed by the time you read this)
HID Fog Lights (3000K 35 Watt) ( ^^^ )
Rims&Tires to 215/40/17's from the stock 15" alloys the GT comes with. Still unsure of what design to go with...
Been eying this deck for some time "XDVDN8290"
Phoenix gold TI600.4 Amplifier for front stage speakers
Capacitor - Unsure of brand and capacity I need once everything is in.


Outlook to total completion is 2 years. Which will be about the time I finish paying the car off. Here's to all going according to plan, haha.

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