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Not sure how to describe this to be honest but when accelerating from zero position and shifting into 2nd the car "hesitates," I can feel a back pressure (that causes a nice pop or two) and then all is good. Doesn't always happen and never does it anywhere else in the power band. Anyone have any idea what's going on or perhaps what it may be leading to future repair wise? Thanks!

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Possible items Hyundai Service manual

Faulty control cable - doubt it
Poor contact or wear of synchronizer ring and gear cone - maybe
Weakened synchronizer spring - maybe

does not sound like these but I could be wrong:

Clutch symptoms:

Clutch slipping
Car will not respond to engine speed during acceleration ???
Insufficient vehicle speed -doubt this
Lack of power during uphill driving - doubt this

Suspect areas:

Insufficient pedal free play
Clogged hydraulic system -maybe
Excessive wear of clutch disc facing
Hardened clutch disc facing, or oil on surface
Damaged pressure plate or flywheel <- doubt this one or you would have starting issues random.

Weak or broken pressure spring -maybe

Take this list a a grain of salt. Maybe the service techs can chime in as I have never worked on the inners of the transmission on this vehicle.
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