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Helper Springs For 2007 Santa Fe

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First of all, my 2007 Santa Fe outperforms 90% of the 4x4 trucks at the boat docks when pulling the boat and trailer out of the water. The 4x4's chirp and dance and smoke their tires when they pull their boats out of the slippery water at the docks. My Santa Fe just pulls very easily with no wheel spin at all using the AWD.

However, it has been four towing seasons, and my Santa Fe is starting to sag in the rear. I think I need helper springs or new springs altogether. Anyone every find a brand of helper springs that work well to keep the backend even and level without creatting an unnaturally bumpy ride?


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what about new springs and a weight distribution hitch?
I'd actually be WAY more concerned about transmission, T-case, rear diff and engine coolant swaps given you tow often, although I commend you for towing what sounds like something substantial with your SF!! Given the layout of the rear suspension, you could put air bags in the rear coil springs and air them up only for towing. The ride would be rock hard in the rear if you used them for leveling w/ out a load though.

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Firestone has air springs for 07-09. From the few posts I've read they aren't too reliable though.
See if MOOG will roll a set of heavier load springs..
I am a stickler for oil changes every 5,000 miles.

I actually did see the Firestone airbag system. I had a set ona 70 Olds Cutlass. Thought it looked really cool back in the day to jack up the rear. Not sure it did anything for the performance, but I guess I thought it did at the time. Probably just threw the front end out of alignment.

I will look into Moog springs.


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