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Help With Bluetooth And Head Unit Problems Fixed?

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I have looked on several forums and have seen lots of people with the same issue(s) I have. Some folks have gotten the issues resolved and some have not. Here is a description of my issue;

I get echo on almost every call with my Bluetooth with multiple phones. The head unit has been replaced and now the DIS has failed, dealer is going to replace DIS on Monday. There are other strange anomalies with the Head unit in my car as well things like not showing the radio stations, changing input on its own, popping from the speaker when using the phone…

The Hyundai Northeastern regional office is a real pain in the “A#@” to deal with. Every issue I have had with my car was deemed “operating as designed” and trust me there have been many. I have had to push resolution of the issues to the boiling point and low and be hold all my issues were fixed except this one. Guess the car wasn’t “operating as designed”.

I’m looking for help from the greater owner community. What I need is for anyone that has had this issue or something similar resolved to send me the following;

• Dealership name
• Dealership phone number
• You’re Service Order Number that fixed the issue

I am planning on giving this information to the Hyundai Northeast regional office as well as California so they can get my issue fixed. After all I have spent so much time and energy getting issues resolved on my Genesis that I would really hate to get rid of the car and by the way except for the issue the car is GREAT!!!!!!

Thanks in Advance …Doug
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I'm not sure exactly where you live at but I have always received excellent service from my dealer in Winter Park Florida (Holler Hyundai of Winter Park) :

Here is their information and I wish you the best of luck resolving this issue your having, hopefully they can provide some more insight on this matter for you:

Contact Information:

Holler Hyundai
1150 N. Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

New & Used Car Sales: (888) 369-0554

Parts and Service: (407) 628-4343

If you were to call the 888 #, I'm sure they can transfer you over to the Service department. If nothing else maybe they can get you in touch with our regional office.....sometimes you just have to get the right person listening.

Best Wishes,

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Thanks for all the help. I’m going to Arbitration on this car next Tuesday. Hope all of you are happy with your Hyundai's, I on the other hand will never consider Hyundai again.
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