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ok, so ive driving 09 sonata for about a year now. and i've always wanted to have hid for my headlights.
but i really a newbie when it comes to car - like i just learned how to change engine oil myself.
so i really need help from people who have better knowledge than i do. ive tried to surf around online
to figure out how to change and what not, but im still not getting any luck.

my question is if i want to change my lights to hid, to i need to disable the dtr light. and
does that mean i have to disable to fuse or soemthing?
and how do i know which hid kit is the right one for me? and do i need to change back to regular
factory lights for like the check ups? i heard its illegal and all.

i live in maryland so if anyone lives in maryland area that is willing to help me out person to person
u r very welcomed. i really want to give my baby a new look - so help me out please... :huh:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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