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So I finally figured out why there was oil being sprayed all over my engine bay... I have a crack on the top of my valve cover in between cylinders 2-3!

I don't understand why Hyundai used PLASTIC valve covers (except that they are wicked cheap)! The stealership wants $360 just for the part, my mechanic said he could get the part for around $240 and installed for another $100 but online (partsgeek) I found some starting around $150 but I'm sure they are probably plastic too (I called them and waited for 30 mins on the phone so I didn't get a definitive answer). There is no way that I'm going to pay $350+ to have this replaced, that is a simple job.

If anyone can find a METAL valve cover for the 07 Accent that would be sweet, I know I am reaching but it's worth a shot.

Plus I figured I would warn everyone of the price before they encounter it on their own and think they have to pay the stealership or the mechanic.

So when it's not too crappy outside I will do a write up on the replacement of the valve cover if anyone is interested. If no one wants to see it then I won't do it and that will save me some time not having to take pics.

Wish me luck!
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