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So I want to buy a 2004/04 hyundai Tiburon imported from the US in Lithuania, it costs 1850 € (which i not too bad, average price here I guess) its got a lot of good stuff in it, exterior looks great, leather seats,a mot till 2019 and a 2.7 engine with lpg. The car has been on sale since january but thats not too important cause its a very unpopular car here and all of these model on sale have been there for at least half a year. The seller is a really nice woman, shes selling it cause she has anoter car so its not needed anymore. Car runs great on petrol and lpg, no stutter, switches instantly. Now the only problems I was told about the car were that it has a dent in the drivers side sill, a bit of wear and tear on the wheel, needs new tires and its got the engine light on... Now I was told that its nothing to worry about because theyve been to an electric and he told them to ignore it because it's just from the lpg mixture or something like that.
So would this end up being a big problem or is this normal and a trip to the lpg dude can fix? (I dont know if theyve tryed the reset trick).
Is a pre buy inspection really that important? Would a normal mechanic suffice or would I need to take it to one that does lpg stuff?
The car looks nice and all, its just that one thing that im reallllllllly unsure about. I have yet to test drive it but I was told it runs great, no stutters on changing fuel types or on startup. Any worst case scenarios ? :D
Thanks a lot for the responses
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