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Hi fellow Hyundudes!:):):)

I have a 2004 Hyundai Accent named Bob.

The factory alarm goes off intermittently and the central locking engages at times without warning.
I took Bob to an Auto Electrician who checked it over but couldn't work out the problem.
So i took it to the dealer who said it was most likely the bonnet sensor. I wasn't convinced but they went ahead and charged $150 to diagnose and adjust the sensor and said everything would be fine.

but alas - within one day of being 'fixed' the problem has reappeared.
So i called the dealer and he is going to charge me $150 again to rediagnose..... bugger that... I think its unfair :( - they were adamant they knew what it was and told me if was fixed .... wrong!

Has anyone had a similar problem?

im getting sick of disconnecting a battery terminal every night....
cheers! :mellow:

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Do you think it may be temperature related? Is there is big swing in temps day to night?

Intermittents like this are difficult to track down. I sense that the dealer didn't want to be bothered.

A module in the dash, called ETACS, or time/control, handles the alarm as well as other mundane tasks. There are separate logic inputs to ETACS from every door/hood switch. Assuming that the alarm is being tripped by one of those contacts (that may or may not be true), I would make some initial measurements of all those circuits.

Fortunately, all the logic inputs appear on 2 plugs connected to ETACS.

In the attached test lists, note that some measurements are Ohms and some Volts. Be sure to set multimeter to Volts scale for those voltage checks; the meter will be damaged if left on Ohms range.

I would be looking for any logic input which shows less than the 1 Meg specified; that could signal a corrosion problem or damage to the loom.

Note: There are no guarantees that the attached info applies to cars in your market. And there were changes year to year as well.

Be sure to register for FREE access to the Hyundai on-line Shop Manuals. See Sticky.
There is a wealth of info, including diagrams, and all for FREE.



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