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Hello Everyone!

I have owned 4 Hyundai vehicles in the last 9 years:
2001 Elantra GLS - Gave this to my brother about a year ago when I was given a Ford Taurus SES by my Father-In-Law... It's about one year later and i am back in a Hyundai, you fill-in the blanks :whistling: BTW the Elantra is still kicking strong, even after I beat the snot out of it. :innocent: I'll post more on that another time...
2002 Sonata GLS - this was my wife's car that we traded in for the Santa Fe, this was a pretty cool design year in my opinion and I would have kept it if we had originally purchased the 6cyl, but we had purchased the 4cyl and it was in my opinion underpowered.
2004 Santa Fe GLS - this is actually my wife's car
2011 Sonata SE - YAY! Finally something more than a GLS! I went for the SE because I loved the dual exhaust, larger rims and the seats (I am probably one of the few crazy people who actually prefers not to have leather)

Anyway just wanted to say Hi and share a little of my Hyundai history.
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