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Hey everyone!

Hopefully some of you have seen us around the Hyundai/Kia community. We are the leading lighting vendor for KDM vehicles, so we are very happy to be here!

We provide a full range of HID and LED lighting products. We have full LED kits for all vehicles, which are avaialble in 5 colors and you can also pick your brightness! We also have the newest and brightest LEDs available for fog lights, tail lights, backup lights, and anywhere else you can think of.

Our site is Diode Dynamics

We also do custom services, such as headlight and tail light customization. And our prices are hard to beat! It's just $50 for installation of angel eyes, DRL strip, switchback strip, anything! :)

We also do custom interior accents. Currently we've tested the Tib, Genesis Coupe, and Sonata, but are actively looking to complete the line of Hyundai products to offer to you guys.

Here's some examples of our work!

Full LED Kit on Sonata

Sonata Transmission area insert (comes in 18 colors, you can add any custom text or logo)

Genesis Coupe Fuse Box Cover (with diagram)

Our HIDs installed on a 2013 Genny

Illuminated Head Unit Cover for the Gen Coupe

Blacked Out Gen Coupe Headlights with DRL and Multicolor Angel Eyes

Diffused angel eye vs non-diffused (multicolor, 2013 Genesis Coupe)

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

General Manager
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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