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Hi all, I'm the new owner of a 07 santa fe 2.2 diesel, and with my previous cars I thought it is a good idea to join the communities, as this is where the knowledgeable people hang out :smile:

I owned a mk 1 CR-V before for 10 years, but sadly the rust eventually got to it, and I thought I would try a Hyundai for a change.

The santa fe is getting quite high mileage now (120k miles) so I imagine I'll have some things to fix sooner or later. The turbo and inter-cooler were changed last year so at least that shouldn't be a problem any time soon, and the EGR has just been cleaned, so fingers crossed it will be fine.

The only issue I have so far is the stereo controls on the steering wheel don't work, although I don't mind too much.

But anyway, hi everyone :smile:
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