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I just joined this forum, so I will introduce myself:

I am Marwin, a 21 year old student form the Netherlands. I study Automotive Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Some hobby's of me are: judo (currently training for black belt, 1st dan), skiing, snowboarding, gaming and driving, working on and attending meets with one of my three vehicles:

My first car is a 1983 Mitsubishi Galant 1600 GLX, which has the same engine as the Hyundai Stellar (the 4G32 L4 engine). This car is in great overall condition. when I went studying in Rotterdam (which is on the other side of the Netherlands for me) I had to use this car every week, even during the winter. To preserve this car I went looking for a second car, a reliable and reasonably cheap car.

After a long search I finally decided this second car would be a 2005 Hyundai Accent (LC) 1.3 ActiveVersion Airco that was for sale at a local dealer. I now own the car for 15 months and have driven over 22,000 kilometers (about 14,000 miles) with only one problem (a broken/loose engine-mount, that was fixed under warranty) so far.

But, like most car enthusiasts, over time you get the urge to change some things about your car. As for now I only changed the wheels. I use the standard 14" steel rims for the winter tyres, and I bought a set of 16" Platin alloys with 195/45R16 Falken tyres for the summer. Although the gas mileage is noticeable worse with this set, the car has incredible amounts of grip.

The other changes I am thinking about for my Accent are:
- Chiptuning: I think it will get a nice addition (despite it being a NA gasoline engine), as I only tank RON102 fuel.
- Strut bars: I have so far only looked at a front top strutbar (wich isn't easy to find for this car), but I think a rear strut bar could improve the handling even more.
- A subtle lowering: As it is my daily driver and the Netherlands are fulled with speed bumps (however the car currently has too much body roll in corners).
- Cruise control: only if there is a kit from Hyundai, as I think it is a shame to put an ugly after market cruise control on a car (however I haven't looked at this yet).

Apart from these two cars I also have a 1993 Kawasaki GPX600R (Ninja), which I commonly take out on the German Autobahn (no speed limit) near my home and the nice curvy ****'s here in the Netherlands.

The attached pics:
1. My Mitsubishi Galant.
2. My Kawasaki Ninja.
3. My Hyundai Accent (with the original 14" wheels and wintertyres).
4. My Hyundai Accent (after I mounted the 16" wheels, for a nice comparison).
5. & 6. Me with my Hyundai Accent at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.


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