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Hi HF,

I'm new to your forums and have been enjoying reading them. Within the last 3 weeks or so, I've purchased two 2013 Hyundai's.

My first Hyundai was the 2007 Santa Fe Limited with FWD. After putting 80,000 miles on it, I decided to buy the 2013. I've held off for along time, because my 07 was still in great shape and running like a new vehicle. However the temptation finally got the best of me. After seeing so many 13 SF's on the road around here, I decided I'm going for it. I searched the web high and low for the color combo I loved. Juniper green with Beige leather. Ended up finding one about 25 miles from here. SF Sport 2.0T AWD fully loaded, save for a one or two odds and ends. I timed it right too. Window was 36200, and I bought it for 30,900. I am wild about the vehicle. It drives as nice as it looks. It has everything I desired and I love the pep that the little 2.0T has. I've not had any of the steering issues I've read about. So far I've put around 900 miles on it. I think dollar for dollar, in this segment of the US market, SF is best in class. That, of course is just my opinion.

A few weeks later, I was so thrilled with the SF, that I decided to sell my second car, an 03 Toyota, with just 50K miles on it and trade up to either another SF or perhaps a Tuscon. I test drove the base SF and loved it. I could have purchased the base AWD sport for 23 and change. great deal, i thought. However, i decided to test drive a garnet red with taupe leather Tuscon LTD FWD. I loved it. A firmer ride than the SF, but sporty and and fun to drive. i ended up going with the Tuscon. The window was 26885 and I got it for 23,300ish. That's alot of car with some really great standard features for the money IMO. I've only put a couple of hundred miles on the Tuscon so far, but I love it.
It does have a lot of "orange peel" in the paint job, when under the flood lights in our garage. The other issue, which seems to be fixing itself already is overly grippy front brakes. I had it out this morning on the back country roads and that issue is much better than it was last week.

I am a big Hyundai fan, and these two vehicles have only added to my fondness for their products. As it turns out, my wife usually takes the SF and I use the Tuscon. I'm happy, both drive remarkably well. I feel very strongly that we got fantastic buys on both vehicles and we're set for a long time.

Thanks for reading, but more importantly, thanks for all the great sharing you all do in these forums. They're a great and enjoyable resource.
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