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Hello everyone,

I posted this note in the introduction forums and quickly realized that this was a better place to post it. Moderator, if need be, please delete my post in the introduction section of this forum. So anyways, I'm currently living and working in Los Angeles and plan on moving back home to Mumbai in June. I will be buying a car and so far the i20 is on the top of my list for these reasons:

1. Relatively fuel effecient/eco friendly
2. Relatively small car (since I will be mostly using it commuting to work)
3. It's got the feel of a young person's car (I'm 24)
4. Best features in its price range.

My only gripe about it is the brown/biege interiors. I would have preferred black/biege or even all black like my current 07 Civic. Also the puny Kappa engine.

I do have two questions though:

1. I'm thinking about getting a JVC or Pioneer 7" multimedia head unit; would this fit in the 2 din space in the i20? I'll probably also get a wireless remote kit for the steering wheel controls.
2. Are there any after market performance mods available for the petrol engine? I came across Pete's mods in Hyderabad but it looks like its only for the diesel variant.
3. Are there interior mod services available in Mumbai? I might want to change the interior color scheme.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Jason and :00000732: to the forums.

Your 4 stated reasons for buying an i20 are entirely valid :thumbsup:

Regarding your 2 questions (even though you listed 3 :whistling: ), have a look through the forum, there may be a thread or two that's of interest about swapping the Head Unit.
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