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Newbie to the forum hoping for help solving issues with a troublesome misfiring 2004 Getz 1.1:mad: . Car judders on accelerating with rev counter fluctuation. The first time it happened I got DTC cyl misfire #3...Ever since then, no trouble codes when it occurs.

At the moment new spark plugs have been installed, HT leads are only a few months old. Car still juddering on accelerating, no trouble codes :confused:. I also have a new coil pack to install. I had a go earlier during a brief dry spell in our lovely Irish weather. Everything was going well until I loosened the top bracket bolt and saw what I think was coolant seep out...panicked...tightened bolt and left well alone! :unsure:

Is coolant coming from this hole normal? Has anyone else encountered this? I have read many posts here but none mention this?

Thanks in advance!
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