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It was a BEAUTIFUL day today...84 and sunny,NO humidity.... I was driving with the windows down, I had the blower OFF and the temperature dial all the way to the left (cool).But as I am driving down the road I can feel hot/warm air coming out of the vents???? I switched the airflow towards the floor,and it seemed to still be blowing...

If I have the blower OFF there should not be any air flowing through the vents right? Does anyone else have any input??

Scotty B

By the way I have a 2011 SE....No climate control.....
Same deal here, but it also happened on our '10 Corolla and '06 Corolla... I believe when the blower is turned off, you're just getting the breeze through the vents... why it's designed that way, I don't know. Maybe someone else here can enlighten us.
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