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I've noticed when driving at night that the headlights on my 20011 Sonata have a clearly defined stopping point that creates a perfect horizontal line across the road ahead. It's normally not an issue when driving in the city due to all the ambient light. Recently I was driving in the middle of nowhere and it was rather distracting. It's like my headlights just stop at a certain point in front of me. It seems like a reasonable distance but I've never seen such a clearly defined line before. Headlights usually trail off until they fade out into the distance. Maybe it's the type of headlight? Is this normal? Has anyone else noticed this? I was going to have the dealer take a look but thought I'd try my luck here first.

First time driving a car with projector beams, right?

It's the type of lamp. Nothing is wrong. Check out the HID thread for even more apparent horizontal lines.
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