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2003 Tiburon GT. Needs help. Here's what I know so far:

Currently has a leaky drivers door seal which I need to replace, and also figure out what is causing the headlights to only turn on in high,
How about (2) simply BUM light bulbs ??

and the windows to not open. No blown fuses that I can see, thinking its something involved with moisture having gotten into the car.

I messed with it some more today, and now the passenger side opens, after some protesting on the car's behalf. So I dont think its in the switch, as that is plugged into the same set of wires on the harness. So apparently it must be the window regulator. Is this a known problem on this generation?
Thump the door with fist, common for the window motors to stick and not want to ratate.. 2 window motors should do it.. of course DVOM is your friend, check voltages at window motor connector..

Also, why in the world would the headlight switch be tied into this? All I can figure is that the moisture in the air (car sat a while) must have corroded the contacts. But why just those contacts? This is stupid. Anyone had the same issue with theirs?
I say (2) BUM light bulbs, here again, DVOM Is your friend, test voltages at headlight bulb plugs

One last thing. Where can I get a good door seal kit for this?
Local Hyundai dealer parts counter... likely need order, not an everyday hot sale item.. be a day or 2 out depending on location of your region parts depot..
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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